Welcome to Our Future

From consumer products to client services, we are an establishment that prioritizes on innovation, ideas and future growth.

Problem Solvers

We tackle issues with the most effective solution, currently available in the market.


We join forces with our partners, clients, and customers then attain the best results for them.

We ❤️ Open-Source

One of the establishment's core mission is contributing to and creating community projects.

For the Future

We believe applying updated knowledge, skills, and technologies toward our work is crucial.

CoolBoii in 2011

Our history dates back to 2011 when we became the "cool" ones.

Well, maybe not. Although, Jacky worked pretty hard to get where we are today, from building new products and improving on services we run today.

Before the official establishment in 2018, the website was [酷哥] CoolBoii Networks (hence the "CBN" abbreviation), a username that began Jacky's online adventures in building really cool things.

The first website was captured by the Internet Archive and still exists as our history, from where we began.

From that point on, we've been establishing our record with clients and customers through extraordinary apps and services.