cbnBase, Jumpstart Your WordPress Theme

It’s been almost 9 months and 90 commits since the resurrection of the cbnBase WordPress theme. My original idea of this theme was to create a feature-filled framework without installing so much WordPress plugins.

This theme is a great solution for web developers who want to save time.

Packed with a list of features like scan-to-follow pages, built-in contact forms, and capture pages, cbnBase is a great choice for saving time. More features will be developed in future releases and notified through GitHub.

The great thing is that this theme is available for free on GitHub.

What are the benefits of this theme?

During the development of this theme, I intended it to be GPL. The intention of this framework was for derivation.

cbnBase is mostly white-labeled, include theme settings that enable specific functions (social links, APIs) and pre-made templates that require no thought of design.

cbnBase is free for download on GitHub

Once you download cbnBase from GitHub, getting started is as simple as following the file.

The instructions teach you how to replace text and images.

This helps you get a quick start on simply getting your brand onto the theme.

What kind of features are available?

As of today, cbnBase includes a plethora of features that satisfy most website owners. Features like:

  • Packaged font icons
  • Web form templates (e.g. Contact)
  • Scan-to-follow pages
  • Topic and feature pages

Did I also mention that it works with WooCommerce and Yoast SEO breadcrumbs? Many templates either require you to build the templates yourself or require you to install more plugins!

cbnBase is built for speed and stability, helping you easily jumpstart your new website.

Why can’t this theme use the Customizer?

We intended this theme to be customized through the code, so we decided not to include it in the features list. For those that don’t like using templates, this is a theme where you customize the entire site to YOUR needs.

A template that relies on shortcode builders and drag-and-drop colors, which many templates rely on was not our intention.

To use this theme, you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, and PHP.

Where can I download this theme?

Just visit the source code page here at GitHub. If you feel lucky, you can fork this project and make it better or make it your own. Or simply just download the theme and start hard coding everything!

If you do find any bugs or any missing features and functions, please kindly report it to me whenever possible!

I don’t provide support for helping you customize the theme.

cbnBase comes “as is”, for free, open-source, without warranty of any kind.

Thanks for using cbnBase!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.


  1. Anthony on October 1, 2017 at 3:22 PM

    this theme is pretty good for open-source, kept it fairly simple, no “pro” nags and a ton of features without plugins. love it!

    • Jacky Liang on October 1, 2017 at 5:24 PM

      I hope you enjoy the framework! Make sure you star the theme, so you get notified of any updates!

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