FoodFlare, Our Solution to Finding Food and Drinks Instantly.

If getting off work is a relief, finding food and drinks nearby shouldn’t be as hard either. Introducing FoodFlare, find food instantly.

Leveraging the power of venue locator apps, we have allowed you to unveil food and drinks nearby that you’ve skipped or missed in the past.

FoodFlare is now published on the Google Play and iOS App Store.

Food apps are aplenty. Why FoodFlare?

Surely, you can pan around maps, do a Google search and possibly look at a ton of listings before you come to a decision. But, isn’t that annoying?

I love being able to decide what to eat, but often times we pan around the map looking for great food thinking, “Should I go to this place?” or, “This, again?” or, “I don’t know, this is too much”.

The answer is, we just want to eat good food.

How the old process goes…

In the old times, being hungry means that you’ll be able to choose what to eat. And that’s great! The problem is the number of choices we are being faced with.

Endless scrolling lists, zooming in on maps, tapping into each restaurant to see if they’re actually open… That’s actually not the worst part still.

The worst part comes in when you repeat each of those steps.

You’re hungry, like really darn hungry!

So what happens? We built FoodFlare, just for finding good food faster. Instead of trying to browse a bunch of lists, pan around maps or even search for food, we’ve restructured the way how we see food.

Instead of being able to search, we give you a list of options.

If those options aren’t what you usually search for, we allow you to add custom search terms (coming soon) to the home page, where favorite foods are one tap away.

During the search, the app prepares enough information per listing, including the reviews, and quick navigation options to get going.

If the first business listing doesn’t really suit your needs, you can press the next or previous button (swipe left and right coming soon) for more results.

Next time, when you’re hungry tryout FoodFlare and save time!

Jacky Liang

Founder of CBN Ventures. Software Fanatic, Business Builder and Subconscious Speaker.

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