Our Brands

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Cratebee — Camping on interesting things

Started in September 2015, our mission was to make rare products available and provide costly products at a discount to consumers worldwide.

Cratebee primarily focuses on jewelry and crystals, accessories, popular new and pre-owned items, discounted services and more.

We're always on the lookout for more!

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FoodFlare — Find food, instantly.

On average, people spend up to ninety minutes (that's like an hour and a half) browsing on the internet for food and places to work.

It's not a problem when you're just browsing for food and doing some research, but, if your stomach is complaining, and you feel like you want good food?

It's time to give FoodFlare a try.

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Giganizm — Digital Influencer Platform

Because growing a business, brand or influencer is already a time-consuming task, Giganizm established its strategy to help accelerate it online.

We help influencers grow their online presence through tailored strategies, in addition to digital management and marketing.

Need help with yours? Let's get started!