Our Properties

Jacky Liang

The Mindset Guy

Learn about mindset and lifestyle, how he built successful online businesses, and why consistency and persistence is key to success.


Shop The World

Make it easy to find products not available domestically. Competitive pricing, discounts on bundled products, and more.


Managed Branding

Build beautiful and highly convertible online businesses and websites with ease. Branding, web design services, and consulting all in one.

Our Culture

  • Remote Work - We are a non-desk tied company. Feel comfortable working anywhere. Collaborate in a coffee shop or work comfortably at home.

  • Strength - Our environment allows you to grow in increased skills and capabilities. We are always look for team building, not traditional office politics.

  • Family - Don't just work. Work with a goal and smile. Long-term collaboration, special events are something we look forward to!


  • For The Future - Our work is fueled by great ideas and hard work. Hustle is our word.

  • Problem Solving - Show your success. If you have an idea, we will make it happen together.

  • Collaboration - Work together, binding knowledge and learning from each other is the best team built.

Interesting Facts

  • Open Source - We support GPL and open-source licenses. Share, modify and distribute publicly-available work.

  • Cloud-Powered - No more single server instances. We believe that redundancy is key to stability and fast growth.

  • Social Media - We love attention and grasping the latest technologies, content, and creations around the world. This is the future.